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Farewell Mostar

12:57 pm

Mostar, Bosnia

Today is my last day in Mostar. Like all days, when you’re enjoying yourself the passage of time is swift and irreverent. Even sluggish strolls seem to zip by. But for many here the hours do not tick by as easily. Their lives are planted here and the spontaneity of daily life in this town rolled back. Yet for me, a stranger in a strange land, I’d do just about anything to stretch the clock like a Dali painting.

My journey also looks like it’ll be coming to a close…for now. I intended to stay a bit longer but a little blunder in my budgeting and a few unexpected maintenance expenses with my apartment back home have me searching online for return flights. I’m still determined to see Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Poland before giving my passport a little vacation of its own. I’ve come too far to turn back now.

As I’ve suggested in many previous posts, there has been a great deal of thinking on this trip. Finding what’s next is a very proactive endeavor. I have poured over articles, interviews, and blogs for advice and believe I’ve finally arrived at an impasse. I heard Cary Fukunaga, a filmmaker I admire once say, “At some point you just have too much information,” when describing the research for his movie, Beasts of No Nation. I learned he worked on the film for about ten years before deciding it was just time to do it.

I think that’s precisely where I’m at right now. No more theory. No more sticky-notes, highlighted passages, or audiobooks. Now is the time to begin.

Ruy, a 30-something New York-based actor, originally from Indonesia, shared this bit of advice: "Be kind and passionate to yourself."

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