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Stories and Lessons Learned from Wandering the Globe

Follow along! Each journal entry comes from a different place in the world and includes interesting insights and life lessons from the many people I met along the way. Find out what people all over the globe have to say about living a compelling and meaningful life.
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My name is Nick Maccarone and I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Oakland, California, and have spent nearly half my life in New York. For many years I was a television, feature film, and theater actor. Before deciding to take a break from my pursuit of acting professionally, I decided to  develop my love of traveling into an experiment. I wanted to add value to the lives of others by sharing what I learned from the many fascinating people along my journeys. I hope you'll find my stories honest and interesting. I am confident you'll discover what people had to say compelling and take great solace in knowing just how similar we all reallly are. Thank you for reading!
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