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About Me


Hi there! My name is Nick Maccarone and I'm an actor, writer, traveler, and community outreach volunteer. I've had the great privilege of globetrotting for many years now, but it wasn't until recently I decided seeing the world would be an opportunity to learn not only more about different cultures, peoples, customs, and beliefs, but also more about myself and the impact I wanted to make.

After passionately pursuing my dream of becoming a professional actor since the age of 11, I decided it was time to pivot away from performing and consider other passions. But where to begin? 

I decided to pack my bags and see the world. Along the way I asked people in each country I visted as well as people I admired back home for the best piece of advice they ever received. In time, I compiled a respectable list of insights, suggestions, and lessons to help me figure out my life's next chapter.

I learned finding your passion, whether or not for the first time is hard, hard work. I thought inspiration would just strike me as I strolled down Ben Gurion Avenue in Tel Aviv, or sat quietly in St. Mark's Church in Belgrade. But life is a proactive sport that requires courage through vulnerability, an incessant desire to be better each day, a childlike curiosity, and a commitment to taking bold risks and making yourself available to the world.

I hope some of these lessons and stories will resonate with you. If they do, please feel free to spread the word. My mission is to add value to as many folks as possible and hopefully encourage them in some small way to live the lives they were meant to lead. 

Thank you in advance for your precious time and interest!

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